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Integrated logistic services – transportation/storage and quality control/distribution services
our logistic services in the following activity fields:

Truck unloading/loading – programming trucks for loading/unloading, booking slot system, reduced time while manipulating the merchandise by using a modern fleet of electric fork lifts, logistic flows allowing at the same time the performance of loading and unloading using the ramps on both sides of the logistic platform.

Cross docking – transport from the EU to Arad and from here national distribution by dispatch to all regions in Romania from the West to the East and back (complete 20t trucks / 3t and 1.3 t trucks) / LTL distribution Romania and Hungary the clientsț advantages being the reduction of costs with the transportation, reduction of transit time and a high service quality.

Stock management by WMS use performing adaptable to the clients’ demands with the possibility of EDI and web interfacing with the clients’ operation systems – real time stock visibility, the possibility of placing orders directly to the client, the on-line operation and confirmation of physical inventories.

FIFO / FEFO Stocking - traceability on lots, expiry date, shelf locations/bar code scanning/generation of lists for picking.

Laboratory for quality tests performing, operated with a team of professionals having a 12 years’ experience in the filed being trained and formed in France.
The Laboratory has a 300 square meters surface with a 1300 square meters surface; the control is performed for the clients’ products and on their demand using their equipment (suntest machinery, material roughness checking devices, shock pendulum, salt fog, tracking meter, flexo-meter etc.). Test examples: hydrolysis, abrasion, fast aging, durability/toughness, breakings, exfoliation, elasticity, impermeability.

Other services

Added value operations:
    1. Co-packing
    2. Sorting
    3. Scanning
    4. Labeling
    5. Manual re-packing
    6. Foiling
    7. Composing packages of multiple reference cardboard

Preparing orders
Control before truck loading
Packing list and CMR generating
Customs operations